Using SEO to get gambling websites ranking for free bet no deposit

Ranking for terms like free bet no deposit
There a few categories most SEO bods won’t touch, gambling affliliate websites are one, the free bet no deposit culture online mean this lucrative market is teaming with people looking to make their million from SEO but is it a easy thing to do?

The simple answer is no, our client has come a long way in a short time but in a couple of recent updates it has been a real challenge. The last secret “update” saw him go from page 1 to non ranking and then straight back again but with this uncertainty scare stories and Chinese whispers are rife. The honest answer is no-one can be 100% certain that a website won’t get hit unless it has a high PR value. There are a few things though that we would advise on a basic level.

Content not adverts for SEO results for free bet no deposit.

We all know that great content is hard work and what do Google really mean by this. We have ranked websites with only header on a page so are they really targeting that? One thing is happening though and that is the SEO game is getting harder and websites in niche markets like affiliate marketing and gambling are getting repeatedly hit by an ever growing number of these updates as Google is documented in telling us they don’t care much for them.

That is not exactly what our client wants to hear and we are now busy coming up with a number of protective measures and all after a major website overhaul less that 3 months ago. That is just how quickly things change and if you have not got a plan B,C and D you will leave yourself open to a Google attack that you won’t be able to recover from.

If you are an affiliate type site the long game will be the only joy you will get. You will need to have a website that has enough content and at the same time is updated regularly. You need to be very careful about who you give your SEO contract to. We have been involved in more meeting that we care to remember speaking to so called self appointed experts who are giving not only bad advice but advice that will lead to a Google smack of some kind.

Do your own SEO research for terms like free bet no deposit before you get into bed with an SEO company

As with all decisions in business picking the right SEO company should be an informed decision. What type of guarantees do they offer, have you spoke to some of their clients yet, does your research mirror what they are saying (broadly speaking as I am not suggesting a bit of research will make you an expert), if their are any alarm bells check it out we have seen clients websites wiped out of the ranking through terrible practice suggested by an “expert” and believe me repairing the damage os more difficult than doing it properly in the first place.


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