Getting to number one for “multi fuel stoves”

Multi fuel stoves are searched 14,000 a time month
Doing SEO on your website to get you ranking is very popular as you can optimise your website to get the best possible traffic for terms like multi fuel stoves if you are a stove shop or Nissan cars if you are a dealership specialising in this brand.
The first thing you will want to do or get done for you is check out the volume a particular search has to see if it is worth the considerable effort and time needed to get you website ranking. The Google keyword planner is the best place to do this and its even easier to use know. You will need a gmail account to do this and first thing to do is sign in with that account.
Once signed in click the top option search for new keyword and ad group ideas. In the your product or service box add your keyword so multi fuel stoves in this instance. You can leave the other blank for this searching but check its on United Kingdom for the search and if you want to refine the search you can do this here too but we want to just click get ideas which is in a blue box at the bottom.
At the top of the next screen you want to click on the keyword ideas tab as by default its on the ad group ideas tab this will show up keywords including the one you typed in and a variety of similar searches.

Multi fuel stoves is searched over 14000 times a month

If you had a stove shop selling multi fuel stoves imagine what 14,000 visitors to your website would do for your business. If you get the job done properly this can be done for about the same as placing a decent sized advert in the local paper around £500 as a starting point and any reputable SEO company will give you guarantees so it is a great way of increasing sales from your website for a relatively modest budget.

You can put in lots of keywords and really find some good search terms for your business for little effort and in the long run this will pay dividends for your business. With the right keywords and strategy for climbing the rankings in 6 months or so you could see huge increases in website traffic and this can be tracked using Google analytics on your website. If you have not got this on your website get your web developer on it straight away so you can track visitors and their profiles on a regular basis.

Whether it multi fuel stoves or cars it is a great thing to do

It does not really matter what sector of business you are in people are using Google to try to find someone that does what you do. Getting a share of this business is the smart thing to do and if I had a woodburning stove shop then I would love to get a percentage of the 14,000 people searching the term multi fuel stoves every month.