Finding the right keywords for parking control management company

Last week we were asked to help a friend of a friend do a bit of research into parking control management by link parking and the keywords he should go after if he did start and SEO campaign in earnest. We were not sure of the results as is often the case because second guessing what the numbers are in relation to searches on Google. We as everyone does use the Google keyword planner to get this basic research done. It worth noting here you will need a Google account to get into this software and once you are in it can all look a bit complicated.

Start clicking on search for a new keyword at the top. This will then allow you to add you keyword or phrase. Think about a phrase or keyword you think your potential customers are looking at and add it in the box for this client parking control management is what he does. Check it’s on the UK in the grey part of the box below and then get ideas. You will then see a screen with a bar chart under this are two tabs click it onto the keyword ideas one and hey presto you get a lovely list showing loads of ideas you can use to create a online strategy that will deliver the numbers of visitors to your website you need to generate income from it.

Typing parking control management into Google

There are 480 people every month on average that type parking control management exactly into the Google search engine and whilst this is not big numbers in SEO terms the ticket price on an average customer is quite high and so this term is extremely valuable to a potential client in this field.

You can add the ones you want to consider or all of them by adding them to your new plan this is good for two main reasons firstly you can download them as an excel document when you are done and secondly you can change the keyword for a different one and add those ideas to the same plan giving you a comprehensive list of potential keywords to use in on your website.

This often shows also keywords that you are trying to rank for that have zero searches a month and so are a complete waste of time in ranking for. If we were given a pound for every time we come across this type of thing we would be able to give up work!

Getting started on parking control management

Once you have your target keywords you will need to get the on page work done on your website make sure all the basics are done right H1, H2 and H3 tags all focussed on these keywords and the content mentions these target keywords BUT ensure this is natural and makes good reading just throwing the phrase parking control management everywhere is likely to do more damage to you website than good so take a look online to get tips or get someone like us to do it for you. Next up is link building but thats for another post.

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