Is engraved plaques and plaques the same thing?

Using keyword research to find terms like engraved plaques

When choosing keywords a lot of clients ask questions about subtle differences in keywords like engraved plaques and plaques. Many think they are the same but if you do some keyword research it is clear that they are very different. Tracking long tale keywords is a difficult task so many SEO companies will target keywords and leave the long tale variations to do what they do. We have not found a significant tracking tool to analyse this yet although Google analytics are useful for ones that are getting traffic.

Keyword research will throw up lots of combinations of phrases etc and the amount each of these is searched is important as you will want to make the most of your online investment by picking ones that you think will generate a healthy return and not be to difficult to achieve. Pinking all huge search volume terms will in time pay dividends but what about short to medium term can you afford to keep spending with no return? If the answer is no as we expect then pick a blend of maybe one or two great ones a coupe of good ones and then some low hanging fruit to ensure you can start to cover the expenditure as soon as possible.

Consider connotations for keyword like engraved plaques

When choosing keywords a very sound piece of advice is to really think about both your customers and what they are likely to call the things you are trying to sell and do these terms lead to unwanted traffic. If you sell greeting cards then optimising for cards for example will likely bring you traffic for people looking maybe for card games or credit cards whereas greetings cards cannot be confused with anything and people searching that term are likely to be looking to buy greetings cards.

A considered approach here will save a lot of hassle and money wasted getting thing right at this stage are in our opinion one of the most important parts of the initial process. Once you have picked teh ones you will go for its onto the next stages in your quest for page 1.

Optimising your website for engraved plaques

You will need to optimise your website first but beware here of doing silly things like keyword stuffing where you ram into a page a word or phrase more times than is natural. Google has come down hard on the dated practice so just write content aimed at your buyers and don’t worry to much about the keywords other than a mention.

Ideally optimise individual pages with relevant keywords that you have picked rather than all on every page same for using keywords within the text of the page. once you have done all this and the website is indexed you are good to start your keyword SEO strategy for link building. This is a job absolutely best left to a professional poor link building can lead to a dreaded Google penalty and this is so easy to get wrong so when you have picked your keyword in this instance engraved plaques it is time for the hard work to begin.