Finding a money phrase that pays

money key phrases like swaps mis-selling

The art of finding a money phrase like swaps mis-selling

We have all been bludgeoned to death about the PPI scandal and now there is a new kid on the block Swaps mis-selling which is said to be the next big banking scandal to meet the glare of the public eye. Just imagine being the first to start to rank for PPI and just how much money some at the top of Google are making from these claims. I think that this is the essence of great we marketing, it’s about finding those niches before everyone jumps on the bandwagon and makes competition very tough to beat. If you can get in first then you stand a good chance of staying there and finding keywords and phrases that are not on the SEO radar yet could be one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Find out volumes and how hard phrase like Swaps mis-selling are to rank

First up you need to know how many people are searching unless this is a breaking news keyword like the swaps mis-sellling soon to be saga. Get an SEO company to also check how tough the competition is around that keyword or phrase if its fierce and unless you have very deep pockets or moutons of time leave the really tough stuff alone. Often it is far better to rank for lowly but numerous keywords/phrases than throw all your eggs in the one basket. Experience has taught me that the golden egg is a tough one to crack so to speak and that far less effort can yield fantastic results for smaller less competitive keywords or phrases.
A few blog articles or ideally pages on these phrases and a little bit of effort has shown to deliver good results and if they around your perfect keywords then the likelihood is they will be good money spinners too. Once you begin this process you can go for lots of these low volume terms to really cast the net as far and wide as possible and this can only be a good thing.

Finding the next Swaps mis-selling term

You can get inspiration for your sector from all kinds of different places from trade press to reps that visit you with information and make sure wherever you get your nugget of news you act straight away. You will often be one of the first to know and if you can react quickly and with purpose you will steal ahead of the competition and render any confer measures they may have either ineffective or extremely expensive for them to do.
We wish the very best in your quest for finding the next big thing for your business and if you do find it act straight away or you will be forever thing what if. Swaps mis-selling was an insider secret for months before it hit the press and a client of our did react quickly and is now reaping the benefits so you could be too.