About Us

A couple of guys that love SEO

We are a couple of guys that love SEO and getting websites to rank organically. SEO is a game changer and if you have a website that you want to get more traffic through chances are you will need to commit time and effort to make this happen.
A quick look online and you may think its a simple process and you can just throw a few pounds at it and you will get results but that could not further away from the truth. It takes many hours of hard work consistently to get anywhere and even then getting there fast is no mean feat.
We started off our work in this field when the game was a much easier one and Google’s algorithms were pretty easy to deal with however this all changed pretty quick with a couple of monsterous updates well documented on the internet called Penguin and Panda. Whilst they may sound lovely and cuddly they are beasts for any SEO specialists or website administrator.

If a jobs worth doing

The key to all our successes and reason for any failings is doing the job properly, there no quick fixes anymore and making sure you have killer content that you are constantly developing along with a strategy for online success are both very important.
This blog aims to try to help even the most basic of online marketeers to gain a better understanding of SEO and creating engaging content that works hard for your ranking and online success. If you even thinking of doing any off page SEO then hopefully this blog will aim to point out some of the pitfalls and things not to do and the difference between high and low quality links.
Hopefully it will be helpful and protect you against the dreaded Google penalty and with any luck you can get to front page and stay there.